Neurosis – The Web

Artist: Neurosis
Album: Souls At Zero
Year: 1992

Leave me demons did I want you?
Why do you need me?
I can see you have so many
I know I’m a magnet but why must I feel your evil?
You give me pain
My thoughts of blood reign
And it’s falling to someone…

You web is my time
I can see the sign
It flows through heart
It sees through eyes
It fills my soul

I’m clawing, crawling, slower, deeper
For this void in my head only you can fill
Your fingers reach so far into my soul
My blood is filled with blood you spilled
And it’s falling to someone…

And it’s finally falling to someone…
My spirit seeks these desperate moments
Dissolving the prescribed crucifix
It lurks and watches, slowly, waiting
To wash the sickness from my mind

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