Rob Zombie – Iron Head (w/ Ozzy)

Don’t try to listen to this song while driving…

Artist: Rob Zombie
Album: The Sinister Urge
Year: 2001

What is the purpose
Demonoid phenomenon
Regulate the flux and reflux
So get it on
Loose upon the world
Destruct a juggernaut
Suddenly the rats are high
Bleed the masses and watch’em cry
Slumber like Houdini’s dog
Die alone out in the fog
Iron Head
Iron Head
Iron Head
Iron Head
Crucify You
Iron Head- Regenerate
Iron Head- Exterminate
Iron Head – Liberate and crucify you.
What is my name
Demonoid phenomenon
Laugh into your face and
Break and I move along
Vent apon the brink
Appear another demi-god
Suddenly forever knows
What it takes and where it goes
Paint it black inside your head
I defy what you have said

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