Vulture – Malicious Souls

Artist: Vulture
Album: Dealin’ Death
Year: 2021

Caught, wide awake in your bed
As a brumous, crawling menace starts to spread

Malicious Souls
Longing for your blood
Sent to strike the iron
While it’s gleamin’ hot
Malicious Souls
Malicious Souls

They float, through dying screams, down every pore
Bones breakin’ like branches, blood turns to gore

Decomposed and crooked
As you’re drawn to join their ranks
Levitate, then conflate
And march on to the iron clanks

High after high and kill after kill
Life after life their rows will be filled

Malicious Souls
Malicious Souls
For less they will not settle

Malicious Souls
Malicious Souls
Death by High Speed Metal

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