Baest – Genesis

Artist: Baest
Album: Necro Sapiens
Year: 2021

On the first day
We spawned this atrocity
Out of decay
And prolonged animosity

Your home is here
The abandoned earth
Its acidic crust
Shall restrain your growth

On the second night
The towers rose
One through five
All built to prove

That you can never grow
Your lives are ours
We own your souls
And its potential
You’ll never know

Commence the tales of the morbid lands
Those once loyal who prayed for a stronger hand

We are the ones who will shape the earth
We shall grant them all with their own stillborn search

Rules won’t be broken
Only bones this genesis shall forever grow

This genesis be your apocalypse
Created in the flesh by your gods and nemesis

Oh barren genesis you will bear witness
To your apotheosis

Barren genesis of broken promises
Created in the flesh
By gods so infamous

Barren genesis
We will bear witness
To our apotheosis genesis

On the third day
We gave you a mind bodies decayed
A lying mouth and eyes so blind

To see and taste
The beauty and prosperity of your own grave
In this entropy in our reign supreme

On the fourth day we
Bestowed ourselves a mighty peak
A great summit

In light of day
A great diplay for us
To see for you to be

On the fifth night
Behold your guides
Born out of the void
With law and order to abide

With wings of stone
And swords of iron
With forked tongue
And words of poison

In empty hollow deep within
Frozen shadows and lurking sin

Draped in despair and armed with fear

Bow to thee

From the cores of cosmos
Chaos I breed

Bow to thee eternally
From the cores of cosmos
Chaos we breed

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