Legend – Why Don’t You Kill Me?

Artist: Legend
Album: Death In The Nursery
Year: 1982

While everyone is yearning, to seek the ancient learning
We stare into the darkness, of mankind in his sleep
They pray that they are righteous, but sadly they all lie to us
And the solitary preacher, ignores them as they weep
He looks down from his vantage point, the rich man’s head they now anoint
And he teaches them the meaning, of people dying for a cause
He leads the blind to battle, like herds of holy cattle
And he watches from a distance, as they play their games of war
Father of the night, unleash the seeds of hate
Be watchful for the morning, for there is no time to waste
The kiss of pride excites you, in rows of crimson stone
The kiss of life deceives you, too long to be alone
Why don’t you kill me, why don’t you kill me
At dusk he waits in silence, preparing for the night
Draining off his memories to train his heart to fight
Searching for a reason, he plays the game so well
Waiting for an answer, he raps the gates of hell
Why don’t you kill me, why don’t you kill me
And when the game is over, the loser pays his price
Gives man another reason to scream into the night
The lives that seem so empty, regret that they were born
The warrior holds his breath, as he watches for the dawn
Why don’t you kill me, why don’t you kill me

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