Executioner’s Tax (Swing Of The Axe) (Live)

Artist: Power Trip
Album: Nightmare Logic
Year: 2017

Go on and look at you,
Today is your lucky day
The executioner’s here, and he’s ready to make you pay

You prayed for so long, and now you have your chance
The executioner’s here, and he’s sharpening his axe

Swing of the Axe
Cry all you want, but the blade soars today
Swing of the Axe

You buy in the for the privilege, to know what lies beyond
Death hides behind veiled faces
It only takes one swing, and you’re gone

The executioner,
The beginning and the end
He carries cold hard steel masked with the taste of medicine
Blessed with a reaper’s touch, his might cannot be matched
It’s time to pay the man, The Executioner’s Tax

Swing of the Axe
Swing at the World
Even a killer has to get paid
Swing of the Axe

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