White Wizzard – Chasing Dragons

Artist: White Wizzard
Album: infernal Overdrive
Year: 2018

Blood lust
I’m dying in your hands
A war that has no ending
This is my final stand
Moon in crimson
Black widow in disguise
Spinning webs of crystal death
The devil in your lies

Woman of the blackest night
Hell fire star burns bright

Lost in you
I’m chasing dragons in my mind
Searching for the final rhyme
Drunk on love’s poison wine
Blinded by the light I sought to find
I’m chasing dragons in my skies
Lost in your hypnotic eyes
Angelic brown that hypnotize
The spider’s kiss brings my demise

Demon claw
Slices in my skin
You brand a mark of death on me
Captor of lust and sin
Soul of black
Yet I come back for more
Like a lost messiah
Shackled by the scarlet whore

I’m running
Yeah I’m running

From the demons that haunt me
From the death of your smile
From the spell of your eyes
Oh oh oh the power over me I must shake
Have to get away

I’ve been chasing dragons all my life
Illusions of a mad man walking
The edge of a knife
The smoke and the charred remains
Of the love that we burn
Drift into the summer skies never
To return

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