Cinema Strange – En Hiver

Artist: Cinema Strange
Album: Cinema Strange
Year: 2000

I love to hate you, I am in winter
Frostbite hath claimed me, I succumb to numbness

Freezing men don’t laugh at murder
…Bleeding naked in the bathtub
Open windows tempt the savory
Women’s heads float just as easily

Within the confines of crystal, reflected is my loathing
Under ice and still, chill waters fish bite stiff men and children

In the fog, in the woods, at midnight
In a land where it’s always winter, I cut the thin skin of my ankles
And the wind follows me like army
Lashing like a bullwhip in the arctic, I fling icicles like bee-sting
Stuck under glass, in the sphere, in the snowstorm
I shut my eyes and sleep in sleet

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