Corpus Delicti – Broken

Artist: Corpus Delicti
Album: Obsessions
Year: 1995

Once i was in a major doubt
To try to clean the dirtiest thought
That you could drive that knife right into me
The thing you’ve done never seemed to come
I was proud to keep that happy home
Far from the claws that watched all around
It was itching at the highest
This torture is the lowest
That i have found to smash right into you,my love
Fear and fever
It’s good to be the liar
Just talking,talking without any glance
Once i was in major rage
They’d rather keep me in the cage
Before i squeeze my hands around this dirty neck
You want to have fun ’till the end
I can assure you different games

The more they hurt,the more they sooth my pain
Here’s your last dance
Awfully sorry for your friend
He’ll never hear the final sound,oh my poor boy
Just grinning while loving
And spitting while kissing
Destroying,destroying without any chance
Destroying,destroying the strength we were building
Destroying,destroying the strength we were building
And running,running…

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