Æther Realm – Slave to the Riff

Artist: Æther Realm
Album: Redneck Vikings from Hell
Year: 2020

I’m just another fucking

It’s 3 AM, I should get some sleep
Balled up notes scattered at my feet
Cause a feeling that I haven’t felt since way back when
I held the foolish hope that this would bring me peace

It’s not enough
A voice insists
I have to try to make it better,
But better’s never there

It’s a ghost of a sound
Getting further away
Diverged from the path
And it lead me astray

The feeling it haunts me
Eternally calling
It won’t let me rest,
And it won’t let me forget

I’m just a slave to the riff

I’m just another fucking slave

Signed and sealed,
In blood and sweat

All it cost is a soul?
I barely have one left

I feel the sorrow cutting deeper,
And I can’t resist. Now won’t you just give it to me?
I’ve bled for this!

[Female vocal:]
Are you sure?
I can grant what you seek,
But you will be forever changed.

You may not like what you become…
…very well.

The feeling it haunts me,
Eternally calling.
It won’t let me rest,
And it won’t let me forget!

I’m just another fucking slave,
I’m just a slave to the riff.

Close your eyes,
Let the melody hold you for a while.

But only for a moment…

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