Vision Of Disorder – By The River (ft. Phil Anselmo)

Artist: Vision Of Disorder
Album: Imprint
Year: 1998

An undistinguised knot of waste
The man laid open, a soul to test
Feel some pressure
Building in your chest, is this your last breath?
Alone exposed to just blood and bone
An empty practice for the hordes
Like complicated insects will
We walk alone
Scouring graveyards
In search of ourselves
We discover strangers
The sleeping eyes of time passed by
What might have been sin or doubt
The side that’s dried and petrified
Why mercy’s expected is beyond the point of points
Of points….
Of points….
Open up your eyes
Never to realize
Coming from the riverside
Are screams of MERCY…
Cry, we have come too far…
Lonely sunrise, climbing into the sky,
Only to sleep…
Dusted twilight, spilling into moonlight
All our lives we’re waiting to die
We trample under a billion stars
And vines that wind over the houses
And past the trees
Smothering everything…
When all drops silent
A grave where no light gets in
The world resents it
When all is placid
A tranquil place in time
Our Earth shattered
We ain’t getting by

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