Amenra – Children Of The Eye

Artist: Amenra
Album: Mass VI
Year: 2017

No one ever will leave me behind
I cast no shadow, light is too profound
I am the way, all stars align
A new reign. uncrowned
With wounds adorned, we stand in line
River of blood leads to the shrine
Hand in hand, side by side
We look our gods dead in the eye
Shaved for burial. soul lost inside
Anoint my skin, nothing to hide
I take the first step in the funeral pyre
A truth fire upon me
Reside in me
I am the cold
The barren tree
Reside in me
I am the fire no one can oversee
Not unto me
Truth fire
One tear at a time,
You are a threat to mine
Flood trenches
Dredge remnants
Of my past
Wash away
My longing
For me
To be the last
Come rain, wash us all away
Here come the first wave,
Nothing will remain
Forever more
No more

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