Moon Tooth – Thumb Spike

Artist: Moon Tooth
Album: Crux
Year: 2019

Painful mornings on the floor
No remorse, no reward
Just you, just me
Can’t hear no other voices
Can’t feel no other pain
But your love
Don’t wanna feel no other pain
But your love
Your love cuts
Your love draws my blood
Oh, you took all my money
Head spins and sweat sheets
Ain’t seen my folks
In forty-seven weeks
But your love’s so sweet
I’ll let you kill me
Fate to cross the concrete sea
Back and forth, endlessly
You left me in the pouring rain
Yeah, you left me in the snow
You left me burning in the desert sun
Now I got no place to go
Yeah you know I left my happy home for you
But when you hold me
Every little thing is alright

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