Parasite Inc. – The Pulse of the Dead

Artist: Parasite Inc.
Album: Time Tears Down
Year: 2013

[Verse 1]
Heartbeat, can you be faking?
Dead inside, I’m waking
Beat me, I feel a little sick
Where is the trick?
Your lies are on to kill me
Kill the pulse inside me
Can’t you show me a bit more?
Cut me a sore

Slightly mad, slightly dead
Where is the beat for survive?
Drive me sad, drive me dead

[Verse 2]
Fuck it, I stop complaining
No more beats remaining
Tired ’cause lies can tell no trick
(So sick)
Fuck you, I live that hellride
With the pulse of dead inside
There is nothing to show
It’s empty life

[Instrumental Break]

And I was never alive
Slightly mad, slightly dead
There was no way for survive
Drive me sad, drive, drive me dead
And there is nothing alive
All I have, all I had
Is just the pulse of the dead

The pulse of the dead
The pulse of the dead
The pulse of the dead
The pulse of the dead
(The pulse of the dead)
(The pulse of the dead)

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