Abigor – Scars in the Landscape of God

Artist: Abigor
Album: Nachthymnen (From the Twilight Kingdom)
Year: 1995

I’m the one behind the shadows
tyrant of damnation
believer in war
i will build the bridge of hate
to walk on pagan ways
in the light of the moon
…hate in my heart
i wander through fire
to the valley of the shadow
i summon my inner self to strengthen my final will
i will destroy the promised land of god
to set the mighty flame
flame – thou of wisdom the greatest
and to rise the hidden words
the words of ancient knowledge
the scars in the wind
guide my path to the dark
into my cold frozen reality
…this is the dawn of the final war
the victory is written in my flesh
i laugh as my enemies fall
and the sun will retire
into the darkness of the night

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