Rivers of Nihil – The Silent Life

Wait what? (plesant surprise about half way through the song)

Artist: Rivers of Nihil
Album: Where Owls Know My Name
Year: 2018

The sun leaves on its own
A simple passage of the days that I have wasted
I feel the summer slipping through
These aging fingers
Compelled to walk upon the same path that I have tread so long
Still nothing changes
A simple passage to a place that I have come to know
I still remember
A better time
When the thoughts that we had connected
Between our open eyes we say goodbye,
To a life that’s been mostly silent, Erroneously lead.
Strive to complete myself
It seems my work is never truly done.
I see your face, barely through the haze
You see a life, erroneously lead.
There’s hope in younger days
There’s warmth within the past that’s so familiar
I forget just why I came here
I Hope that you remember Home.
All this time I’ve wasted
In my self-righteous anger
Oh the years I’ve lost
To this profound indifference
I find my direction
A solemn duty owned
Mine, it is mine alone
To watch this world expire
Like machines, we embrace
Cold limbs connect
A silent, errored life
Slipping into oblivion
Lead astray
Through endless days
Silent now,
The words so loud
My mind is drifting out
Between perception of a dream and what is real
Now all I have is lost with you
I hope that you remember
A better time when the lights were all so candescent
That reached me from the sky
We say goodbye, to a life within dead horizons
Erroneously lead.
Strive to escape myself
It seems my work is never truly done
I see your shape, falter in the wake
Of a life erroneously lead.

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