Grand Magus – Hammer of the North (Live)

Pure solid heavy fucking metal…

Artist: Grand Magus
Album: Hammer of the North
Year: 2010

Black fire
burns in the twilight
The forest glows
Free heart
passion and defiance
pine and hooded crow
Spring eve
glory of the raven
melt the last of the snow
Gold sparks – set the night afire

It’s my joy

Hammer of the North

It’s late – silver stars shining a toast to future goals
Black sky – everlasting beauty – brothers by my side
We smile – nature’s celebration – we’re fierce yet calm
Gold sparks – set the night afire

It’s my joy

We’ll learn every secret, we’ll trample the cross
We’ll curse at the giants, we’ll laugh as we toss

Hammer of the north
We believe it’s our legacy
Masters of our fate – their logic won’t dictate

Their gods will fail – then we rise

Hammer of the north

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