Municipal Waste – Breathe Grease

If you don’t like Municipal Waste this page may not be for you…

Artist: Municipal Waste
Album: Slime and Punishment
Year: 2017

Can’t slow down
Fearless reckless
All around
Immensely treacherous
All aboard
No one can stop us
You’re going to judge me for what?
And all you wish is to ask
Why I’m so free and you live trapped
I’ve never cared for “your world”
And that’s a matter of fact
So just try wrapping your brain around that
One more round
Fearless reckless
Lost and found
Immensely senseless
Bare witness to this contemptful display
As we decimate those who stand in our way
Breathing and bleeding the grease through our brains
Impossibly endless forever it reigns
Breathe Grease!

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