In Flames – Colony (Live)

I miss shows where the audience gives back this kind of energy..

Artist: In Flames
Album: Colony
Year: 1999

In my world, the day is no threat
In my world, there is an absence of light
“Genetic superior cell” controlled
By fathomless and unbearable
A radical new form of plastic and rage
Biologically optimized
But with a strangling pulse
In your world, you find me worthy
In my world, I “parashoot” my life
A virtual drugstore populated
By the fathomless and unbearable
Machine, meat and blood
In an intimate relationship
The new – superior –
More effective than all the preceding
Where we can no longer
Cry and reality is torn
Then it´s easy to forget
That the responsibility lies on us all
In your world, the night is no threat
In my world, the darkness
Transforms to a vision of hell
Populated by fathomless and unbearable

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