Obscura – Ethereal Skies

Do you feel like you need to practice your scales?

Artist: Obscura
Album: Diluvium
Year: 2018

Cosmic havoc in oblivious embrace
To deport this alternation
Arcade of aeons, motion in time
Dissolves in absolution
Conflagration – back to primordial condition
Cosmogenesis – life and death
In ethereal skies, we transcend in eclectic divine
As a glimpse of light, forevermore
In wandering stars, we emerge from light to abyss
As abandoned gods, we redeem in purgatory
Deliverance, a slender form of desolation
In bareness, beyond profound abyss
Perception, a final glimpse of dignity
In radiation of the blackest light
Solo: R. Trujillo
Retrogression, in solitary meditation
In clarity, consigned to infinity
Perpetuity, a constant shattered past
In sempiternal neutrality

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