Lizzy Borden – Psychopath (Live)

This is all kinds of hilarious….

Artist: Lizzy Borden
Album: Love You to Pieces
Year: 1985

I want to play…
I see that you’re all alone
I’ve got the need to follow you home
I’d like to be the shadow who stalks
I’ll lash out send your nerves into shock
You turn and stare you feel someone there
A psychopath could be anywhere
You start to run but you won’t go very far
I’ll always know where you are
I couldn’t even see your face
Excitement builds as I start the chase
You turn me on when your heart is pounding
It’s ecstasy when I hear you scream
I flash a knife to your paralyzed eyes
And only I will watch you die
Psychopath – on the loose
I know where you are at, got something for you
Psychopath – I got a blade
Cut you just like that, I wanna play
Psychopath – out on the street
Quiet as a cat, I’d love to meet you
Psychopath – I’ll have my way
Give ya forty whacks, I wanna play

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