Witchtrap – Dark Lord (Live)

Thrash from Columbia…

Artist: Witchtrap
Album: Turn in Your Graves
Year: 1998

Infernal devastation. Followers of Satan’s force.
Sorcery, blasphemy. Feel the presence of the Lord.
Drink the blood of the dead to be stronger than before.
Gods’ revenge comes to earth; we will fight in Satan’s name.
Pre-chorus: Help me I’m possessed by the essence of the evil gods.
Die and turn in your grave, feel the spells of the d***ed.
Chorus: Fall to your knees and bow to the Dark Lord.
Metal rule. Kill the fools, they will cry for mercy again.
Invincible kind of evil; no boundaries, pure d***ation.
Take the b****, f*** the witch; l*** is rising from within.
Satan’s hand crushes the land; you will die at midnight time.
(Pre-chorus) – (Chorus)

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