Jinjer – Bad Water

Her normal singing voice is a death metal growl…

Artist: Jinjer
Album: Cloud Factory
Year: 2014

So you want me to drench a desert
Bad water is all I’ve got
You ask me to imbue the poor
Bad water is all I’ve got
So you want to perceive your life?
Bad water is in your mind
Joy will never fill your heart
Red water turns into the tar
I am a cracked jar
Bad water‘s running through my eyes
I leak! It burns!
But still I can be refilled –
It returns…
It kills a seed, kills a breed
Smothers everything we need
Plugging our pores up
Flakes of salt drag to the start…
Our lips are dry from constant cry
Our mouths are made of chalk and sand
If only we could take one last sip
Backwater would invite us
To the one-way trip
The sky is a cracked jar
Bad water’s running through the clouds
It leaks! It burns!
But still it can be refilled
It returnes…
Until we wash our feet in a creek
Until we spit in a cup and then drink
Till we curse upon the sea
Until the land can’t shed a single tear…
Bad water is all we will be…

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