Covenant – Planetary Black Elements

Symphonic Death Metal to goth/electronica band… like both bunches..

Artist: Covenant
Album: Nexus Polaris
Year: 1998

Nexus polaris… A truth concealed
A gaunt expression of the end
Prophecies revealed… Dimensional chaos
In perfect symmetry – a mask so dreary
A truth so stained – a planetary conformation
A long lost creation – a black door dimension
In shallow mystery
What is this universe, but a will to exist?
Forever… In all dimensions – polaris opens it’s eyes
The nexus of time and space
Nexus… A path revealed – a joyous feast of folls
Stupidity renewed… Dimensional chaos… In perfect harmony
Possessive illusions – like a taste of defeat
Regress or rnegrate – and your downfall is complete
Ilusive possessions – an imaginary void
Hurled towards chaos – to destruct or destroy
“we reach for outerdimensional paranoia
Concealed paralells and hidden truths…
And then, as we gallantly plunge the borders
Of our own existence… Elements dissolve
And microcosms collide. These are the planetary
Black elements in wich the force lies to a
Greater cosmic glory… When the doors of
Perception are cleansed… The nexus polaris
Will rise… ”
Possessive illusions – like the taste of defeat
Regress or regenerate – and your downfall is complete

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