Pyrexia – Ode to Brinn

Vocalist Eric Shute Arrested for Allegedly Murdering Three People in West Virginia…reportedly over a property dispute

Artist: Pyrexia
Album: Age of the Wicked
Year: 2007

Tyrant to the family
Uncontrolled any drunken
House of insecurities
3 long years of beckoning
Living for adultery
You’re an embarrassment
You make me hate you
I don’t even know you but you took my life for granted
You brought this on yourself
Just like the women laid on your sacred bed
Mother left mourning for eternity
Not a single bit of truth within your life
A line separates the family
Die to bring peace to the purity of pain
Never to scar another soul again
I drift to sleep with a smile
Feeling I’m the cause of your death
I wished your demise for 9 years
Abandoned as a child ageing 1
Never looking back
Never made attempts to hold your son
Drink away your life
Smoke away your health
Punished not enough
Heart attack 48
Never seem to know when to stop
Beating and crying
A mother lays screaming in despair
It seems now that you’re gone
Nothing left provided
Stranger dead to me
I met you at your funeral
No pity in my heart
Ill never call you father
You can’t replace this hatred
Its tearing me apart
Alone at the eulogy
Spewing lies for the family
Sympathy does not exist
No tears only apathy
Crying out in hysteria
Stomach twisting its hard to breathe
With all this laughing
I cannot conceal
Lament your passing
Cannot be pacified
Forced birth thrust upon you
Your mistake your demise
Now I must suffer with your blood through my veins

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