Onyx – Judgement Night (ft. Biohazard)

A little different from the album version…

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all you spooky kids…

Artist: Onyx
Album: Judgement Night Soundtrack
Year: 1993

Judgment Night, die young die fast
Judgment Night, HUH! HUH! HUH!
Judgment Night, in the echo of a gunblast
Judgment Night!!!
(Verse 1: Sonsee)
[Come] over here and bust the mic crusher, sucker duster
Sonee Seeza the money greaser cooler than your freezer
(He’s a breezer)
I hits it up; bam, boom, bing, slide
I seep through the crack and I make shit get wide
Bona fide art to start the part of a smart top chart seizure, this more than a leisure
Pinch every fuckin’ grain in your brain like a tweezer
The sinister scene shaded the slick scheme theme for the misdemeanor offender
The back bender, the corny nigga, the bullshit riff-ender
Never perpetrating so ain’t no perping in the dark I’m lurking
Gears are working, niggas hurting
Used to be a gambler when I was a scrambler
Now I’m branded a shorty black mic damager, whose just here to state my fact
And react
And saturate brains with a plate of hot wax
Intertwining, combining, underlining, shining Sonny’s in light right now and wow, great fuckin’ timing
(Verse 2: Fredro Starr)
Come inside, run and hide
It’s the iller men, I’m drilling them with adrenalin half past the minimum for filling them with the ugliness ruggedness
Under the rug thugs in this, Freddy Scruggs loving this
Trapped in a daze, in a blaze, in a spell in a realm of a seance
With black ghosts with guns coming through the project walls with AKs
Through darker days
One dead to the sun
You really want some next shit?
Some blood on the X shit?
Watch me wreck shit then I exit
But yo I keep ’em hollering, screaming out for mercy
Mind of the lowest epitome, ghetto mentality
So blast it as I hit your head you’re lead to misbelieving
Got the toxic rock shit made the nigga Biohazard
(Hook X2)
‘Fredro’ “Sonsee” (Sticky) {Onyx}
‘Yo gimme that shit you fuckin bald headed bastard’
“What the evil nasty acid?”
‘Yeah the shit that burn they asses’
“So ashes to ashes”
‘Blast with the ghetto gas’
“And I’m going
Niguz knowing I’m showing my Razzamatazz-manian Devil rebel style”
‘Niguz know we fuckin’ wild’
(I’m wild), ‘I’m wild’, “he’s wild”, {SO WE’S WILD}
“So capture the rapture”
‘The black disaster’
(Verse 3: Sticky Fingaz)
I swear to fuckin’ god I’ll raise hell and make the white man call me master
I’m 666 and need to repent to the pastor
So fuck the radio they closed your ears but read my lips, I rips
And if you eat my words I’ll leave you strung like
Um, um, um
It was on the tip of my tongue
But now it’s stuck in between my throat
I can’t breath for a lick
If Onyx ain’t the top pick, you must be suckin’ a glass dick
And if it takes the death of me to make history
The whole world will remember my misery
I know what I’m trying to say but words get in the way and render me speechless
Oh Black Jesus I’m crying inside
Couldn’t give a fuck if I live or I died
Cause I’m just a slave who’s brave
But fuck pickin’ cotton, I’d rather see my grave, so I meditated before I was created
And the gift of the first power made me reincarnated
Now I’m back from the deceased but pussy niguz increase
Oh well, that’s just another nigga that gotta get greased
So if you wanna talk shit in order to avoid a fight
Say what the fuck you wanna say, just spell my name right
Yeah motherfucker

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