Skrewdriver – Anti Social

I’ve seen Anthrax cover this song on more than one occasion, forgot they covered it

Artist: Skrewdriver
Album: All Skrewed Up
Year: 1977

I don’t like papers, reading books
Getting sick, think it sucks
I don’t wanna listen to another word
I’m so bleeding bored
I’m an-ti-social
I hate the world
I don’t wanna go to work another day
I wanna be somebody
I don’t wanna wear no three piece suit
I don’t wanna family
Wanderin’ round the streets wondering what to do
Pick whatever you like
I ain’t got no money or a set of wheels
It’s a bloody drag
Looking at the posers and their flashy cars
I’m just walking round
Never gonna get a house wife or kids
I ain’t gonna settle down

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