The Order of Israfel – Wisdom

If you’ve done six epic songs this morning, why not round it off with breakfast with The Order of Israfel?

Artist: The Order of Israfel
Album: Wisdom
Year: 2014

A sea of fire to cross, alone
The cries of gargoyles carved from stone
A writhing serpent tempts me with lies
As boiling black smoke burns the skies

Caught in an endless maze, forlorn
No hope, no sight, no dreams, no dawn
Despair lies cold and damp on my skin
Nothing but the light that burns within

I have seen mountains fall
Watched as time erased timeless walls
I have witnessed whole worlds fail
And seen serpents swallow their own tails

And yet, I am so full of love
Yeah, I am so full of love

Mantras written in gold leaf
Ancient words for peace
Wisdom carved in the living stone
To guide us home

I can see when I close my eyes
Earth, sea and sky
Hear the voice that speaks through me
Spread your wings and fly

Wisdom carved in stone
To guide us home
Earth, sea and sky

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