Shadow Gallery – Crystalline Dream

This song starts out as a straight forward rock song with some good riffs, the guitar solo in the middle of the track is stunning and then you have the triply keyboards…


Hold onto these
Memories I grant you
The gifts of our lives
Lost in the sands of time
Deserts forever
Relentlessly barren
I crossed them all
In the blink of an eye
I command light and solar winds
To transport me
The deepest assurance
I speak with my mind
Caves of glass
Shatter before me
The wheels are in motion
Forever they turn
And are carved in the
great book of life

There in your room
Alone in the shadows
I smashed down the walls
And set you free
I carry the torch
That trembles the mountains
Seen visions of power
Beyond all belief
You close your eyes
I reach out and touch you
Reflections in pools
The deepest of dreams
Rumors of war
Rage in your heart now
The wheels are in motion
Together we turn them
Forever they’re turning away

Come down with fire
I want to love you
want to take you into
my heart
We’ll cruise the starways
And from the moment
that we touch our love
into a crystalline dream
Fly where your dreams go
With open eyes it’s the
dawn and you’re alive
No time or space here
I walk in castles of gold
Our love turns into a
crystalline dream

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