Pantera – Domination/Hollow (Live)

This is so RAW…  Turn this one all the way up and BANG YOUR HEAD!


You hear Rex’s bass?
Answer me ya hear the fuckin bass?
On the Cowboys From Hell album,
We gotta song called Domination…
Were gonna cut that motherfucker in half…
I wanna see everybody break there neck, in here!
1 2 3 Jump!!!!



He as hollow as I alone,
Shell of my friend just flesh and bone
Theres no soul
Sees no love
Shake my fist, skies above!

He as hollow as I converse,
Wish he’d waken from this curse
Hear my words before its through
Want to come, after you!
MY! BEST FRIEND! MY! Best Friend right here…
Jump Back!

Thats fuckin bad ass!

thank you…

1 2 3 ____!!

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